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Cleaning company Toekomst is a family business with over 80 years of experience in the area of cleaning. With over 450 colleagues they ensure their employers are able to work and live in a clean environment.

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Get Hooked got the challenge to give the current Toekomst website a new face. An important element of this was that the website also had to be more appealing for potential employers. Besides developing their website, we also executed knowledge sessions as an extra support for their marketing activities. Our goal is to create a brand that radiates a clear message through different channels.


The website of Toekomst needed a refresher. That is why we sat around the table with Toekomst to see how we could improve their website. We changed the structure and design of the current website and it has changed in so far that it is now easier for visitors to navigate the website. We also worked on an external website “Werken bij Toekomst”. On this website people can easily filter jobs, categories and locations. During this process we also thought of the marketing activities of Toekomst and how we could optimise these to gain the best possible outcome.


By refreshing the website, potential or future customers are able to easily scroll through the website. With the website “Werken bij Toekomst” potential new employers gain a personal view into the organisation. People quickly see the advantages of working at Toekomst and are motivated to apply for a job. By online optimisation Toekomst Cleaning company can easily be found online. Several Get Hooked sessions and strategic advice has given Toekomst more insight into how they can best regulate and be actively present for their target group.

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