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Privacy Statement Get Hooked B.V.


At Get Hooked B.V. it's all about the power of brands: the reason why you choose one brand over another. Our purpose is to showcase the story of our customers in an appealing way, in order to transform their brand into a strong brand.

Personal data

Get Hooked B.V. confidentially handles your data. Your personal data will be treated and protected as carefully as possible. Your personal data will only be provided to third parties if this is required on the basis of an assignment, for the provision of services, with your permission or on the basis of a legal obligation.

Get Hooked B.V. obtains personal data because you submitted your personal data to Get Hooked B.V., for example via the website, by e-mail or by telephone. In addition, Get Hooked B.V. can obtain your personal data through third parties in the context of our services.

For the execution of your assignment we ask for your name, the name of the organization where you work, your position within the organization, address details, e-mail address, your telephone number, and bank number. Minutes of discussions may be stored in our (secure) system.


Get Hooked B.V. processes personal data to implement an agreement concluded with you, or to be able to comply with a legal obligation. If personal data is processed on the basis of consent, this will be requested separately.


Get Hooked B.V. processes your personal data for the following purposes:

  • the execution of an assignment / the fulfillment of an agreement;
  • maintaining contact;
  • a good and efficient service;
  • management of the client base;
  • billing;
  • improving service;
  • reporting and analyzing and improving service;
  • compliance with legal obligations.

Distribution to third parties

Get Hooked B.V. can use the services of third parties for the aforementioned purposes. In this context, personal data will be provided to third parties, but only if this is necessary for the performance of your assignment. These third parties may only process your personal data on the basis of the aforementioned purposes and only in the context of the order issued by us.

Your personal data can also be provided to third parties when Get Hooked B.V. must comply with a legal obligation. Get Hooked B.V. will not provide your information to third parties for commercial purposes unless you have given explicit permission.

Storing personal data

Get Hooked B.V. will not process your personal data for longer than necessary for the purposes stated in this privacy statement. This means that your personal data will be kept for as long as they are necessary to achieve the relevant goals. In the context of the legal retention obligation, Get Hooked B.V. saves your personal data after the closing of your file for seven years.

If you send Get Hooked B.V. a job application, Get Hooked B.V. saves your details for four weeks when no employment commences. At request, Get Hooked B.V. can save your data for a possible new vacancy / other position for one year. You must give explicit permission for this.

Security of personal data

Get Hooked B.V. considers it important that your personal data is protected against loss or unauthorized access to your personal data. That is why Get Hooked B.V. takes appropriate security measures, including:

  • Up-to-date virus scan;
  • Secure USB sticks;
  • Unique login code and password (change regularly);
  • No unsecured external hard drives;
  • Not making unsecured backups;
  • Clean desk policy;
  • Never leave the laptop in the car;
  • Correctly destroying old documents;
  • Careful use of USB sticks;
  • etc.

Get Hooked B.V. manages usernames and passwords of customers in a (secure) system. Only employees for whom it is necessary to perform their work have access to this data. A security protocol is used if a customer no longer has his username or password and requests this with Get Hooked B.V.

Social media

The social media buttons on the website are included to be able to share pages via social media networks LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. If you click on these buttons, your personal data will be processed by the relevant social media network. Read the privacy statements of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to see how these networks handle your personal data.

Your rights

You have the right to request Get Hooked B.V. to view your personal data. After receiving your request, you will receive an overview of your personal data within four weeks. If inaccuracies appear, you can request that your details be adjusted, supplemented, deleted or protected.

Questions about this privacy statement or a request for access, improvement, supplementation, deletion or protection of your personal data can be sent by e-mail to:

Tim van Tartwijk / Roy Steenbakkers
+31 (085) 747 00 31

To prevent abuse of the above-mentioned rights, we ask you to identify yourself when submitting your request. You must enclose a valid proof of identity with your request. Don't forget to make your BSN and your passport photo illegible on the copy. You could use the 'Copy ID' app for this.

If you have a complaint about the processing of your personal data by Get Hooked B.V., please let us know. If we are unable to come to an agreement, you have the right to submit a complaint to the Privacy Supervisor, the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

General contact information

Get Hooked B.V.
De Grote Beer 10
5215 MP ’s-Hertogenbosch
+31 (085) 747 00 31

Get Hooked B.V. can change this privacy statement. New versions are always published on the website. We, therefore, advise you to consult this statement regularly so that you are kept in the loop of any changes.

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