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At Get Hooked we challenge you to look beyond your brand. With the help of critical questions, we scan your company to the core. When we disagree on something, we will let you know! We are honest and open towards you and are definitely not a yes-man!

Do not consider us as an external advertising agency but rather as your experienced marketing colleague. We always think with you. A new brand does not simply erupt with a cup of coffee. It costs time and deepening into the brand. Together we will find your companies’ core and make sure that we hit the essence of it.

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About Get Hooked

We are a creative digital agency were all professionals are available, from communication professional, marketeers, ux-designers, web designers and graphical designers. Because of this we can quickly shift internally without involving external companies and we engage with the production and execution of marketing tools.

At Get Hooked everything we do has to do with impact; making impact on our customers, the target group, but also making an impact on ourselves. Because good brands and products challenge and motivate us.

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Tim van Tartwijk - Digital Marketing Professional


Tim van Tartwijk

Roy Steenbakkers - Digital Marketing Professional


Roy Steenbakkers

Project Manager

Devita Kodrat

Koen van Lierop - Digital Marketing Professional

Marketing Professional

Koen van Lierop

Rob van Outersterp - Projectmanager Get Hooked

Marketing Professional

Rob van Outersterp

Online Marketeer

Roos van Druenen

Online Marketeer

Maud van der Heijden

Jeanine Hamans - Digital Marketing Professional

Marketing Professional

Jeanine Hamans

Online Marketeer

Mike van den Biggelaar

Robin van Diem - UX Designer

UX Designer

Robin van Diem

Bart van Dam - UX Designer

(UX) Designer

Bart van Dam

Mark Olijslagers - Front-end developer

Lead Development

Mark Olijslagers

Bastiaan Wuisman - Webdeveloper

Back-end Developer

Bastiaan Wuisman

Wesley van Gogh

Front-end Developer

Wesley van Gogh

Nathan Reul

Back-end Developer

Nathan Reul

Taras Rudenko Developer

Full Stack Developer

Taras Rudenko

Bohdan Feniuk - Full stack developer

Full Stack Developer

Bohdan Feniuk

Anne Bouwens - Digital Marketing Professional


Anne Bouwens

Roy Berendsen - Digital Marketing Professional

Freelance Video/animation

Roy Berendsen


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