A world
on the move

People who travel from one side of the world to the other for their work and often start living there. Items that get tied in and picked up, moved towards the place of destination, only to get unwrapped once they have arrived. Although this does not sound too complex, behind this easy looking process an entire world of logistics and services exists. A world that encompasses different kinds of processes, from the process of selling through taking stock of moving day, planning, communicating, the satisfaction of employees and offering extended services.

  • Business Development
  • Online Marketing Strategy
  • Brand building
  • (UX) Design
  • Front-end development


Our task was to digitalise this complex world of global mobility to a smaller and more reachable place. A central place for all moving companies, multinationals, employers and individual users where only a friendly mobility experience in a move management system exists. At Get Hooked our challenge was to position it and eventually to design the moving management system and to program in collaboration with and for Redsky Mobility Solutions.


Following an analysis, we analysed and talked to different moving parties. We checked their needs, pression points, wishes and more. Furthermore, with the knowledge we gained we built towards a brand, a brand that shows the vision of what it’ s all about: creating a smaller moving world that is within our reach. By means of regular testing of the product and being in close contact with the customers, we have built towards a brand that motivates the customer, the target group and a brand that definitely motivates us as well.


Meet Reedge, a mobility platform that provides an easy relocation process to companies that deliver services and people who experience that service. The name Reedge stems from the phonetic synonym “Reach”, which entails the notion that everyone can be reached with this product, communicatively as well as in mobility. Besides this the name is applicable in different ways. To show presentations (“To Reedge a Milestone”), express communication (“To Reedge out to”), and to show ambition (“To Reedge for new possibilities”). The Reedge logo shows our earth with her six continents. These have been brought together as one, as a reflection of us striving to show a smaller, more reachable place.

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Reedge excels in creating a user-friendly management system that offers mobility experience for companies who move people and items and who also offer this for customers who are moving. A platform that gives insight into the right data at the right moment. Reedge offers a seamless relocation experience by connecting people and services with one another and personalisation through accessibility and applicability of data for all parties involved.

The first version, “Reedge Essentials” already entails powerful daily functions such as lead- and customer management, the making and sending of quotations and invoices, task management and communication with customers. In 2020, smart modules will be added to encompass Warehousing, Resource Management and Operational Planning, as well as a module that will fit the needs of Destination Service Providers and their customers.

View the website of Reedge here!