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For years Herman Rademaker had been working as partner for a big financial consultancy firm. What struck him the most was that the personal contact and guidance was far from home. Even though, for him, this was a condition for achieving success. It had become time to take things into his own hands. Meet Bureau Rademaker, a financial consultancy firm with attention, personal connection and true interests in the client.

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Consultancy firm Rademaker is an accessible and reliable company with a modern twist. The company is good at showing empathy, thinking together with the clients about issues and has a familiar touch. However, this we-feeling that clients experience had not yet been translated to Rademaker communications and their company style. That is why the financial consultancy firm Rademaker wanted a new brand. A brand that would improve customer experience and connects with their line of work.


Our job was to create a professional identity for the brand of consultancy firm of Rademaker. To ensure that everyone sees who and what they are as a company with taking just one look. We transformed Rademaker to a modern and involved brand. A brand with a strong vision and not just a picture for the outside but based on strong persuasion from the inside. This way, Rademaker can wear the new brand with pride. Communication outings and communication means by the regular clients of Rademaker can identify with and new clients can be triggered.


With the message and identity “Rademaker. Werkt.” we portray the exact promise of Rademaker towards different target groups. The powerful statement “Werkt” has two meanings: Rademaker always gets results. Period. Rademaker achieves these results simply by doing. No frills. The brand image has been built on the basis of family, empathy, and being close to customers. From corporate identity with business cards, writing paper and office materials. From a company website with starting pages for different services of Rademakers up until the design of a promotional Christmas gift. The idea and feeling of “Rademaker. Werkt.” is everywhere to be seen. The impact? A more powerful and familiar communication theme which perfectly reflects the corporate vision of Rademaker and to which customers want to belong.


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