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Moving, it seems so simple. But when the day is there, a lot still needs to be done. More than you probably expected. Not only the entire contents of your home need to be moved to your new home, but you also need to wrap up your valuable items, disassemble them and make that all contracts on your old address have been cancelled or transferred to your new address, maybe you want to store items somewhere else or maybe you have some special items that you can’t just move yourself. That is why Moovyn is here!

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It is not always easy to hire a mover. In order to compare prices, you need to ask several movers to come on by and take stock of your inventory. And how do you even know that you are making the right choice, and that the price is set in stone without any surprises in hindsight. And if you want to request a quote, then you often have to work your way through an endless long list of all of the inventory that you still have to fill in yourself. With Moovyn this all comes to an end and we let you manage your own moving day, fast and easy. You order, we take care of the rest!


We did not only come up with the name Moovyn, but the entire concept with which consumer can order their new, user-friendly moving day online with only a few clicks away was also established by Get Hooked. Gone are the endless lists of movers who have to come by: on the basis of your house, the number of moving inhabitants and the number of rooms in your house our smart system can calculate your price. Consider the user-friendly, illustrative interface and we have the foundation for a comfortable, carefree moving experience. Communicatively we place emphasis on the idea of being carefree. This way, as a customer of Moovyn, you only need to worry about the real notion of moving, namely a new and beautiful milestone in your life!


Almost 50 movers from the Netherlands have joined Moovyn and offer services to moving customers through Moovyn. With Moovyn we established a new standard for the way in which customers can manage their moving day. Through optimised location starting pages, addressed mailing lists and extensive user-tests on the platform we bring customers and movers together! Every moving day, handled with care!

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