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Good news! In recent years, things have improved in the car industry. For example, revenue growth in this industry increased by no less than 8% in the past year and the purchase of a new car is becoming increasingly accessible to a larger target group through, for example, a private lease. This also applies to the variety on the car market, where we currently no longer know which model to choose. Car brands are therefore standing in line to win the immaculate souls of driving Dutchies. The question therefore is how do you distinguish yourself as a car brand? And how do you, as a car dealer, ensure that potential buyers choose your cars?

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Car dealer Knoop from Maarsen, or better known as Mazda dealer, has a beautiful organisation together with Utrecht, Vleuten, Woerden and De Meern. The range of the contemporary Mazda collection has everything one can wish for. From the compact and luxurious Mazda2 to the powerful crossover Mazda CX-5, Mazda has it all. However, this is not unique given that competing car brands offer a comparable spectrum of car types. The existing customers of Mazda dealer Knoop generally know how to find their way back to the trusted car company, but how do we bring these Mazda models to the attention of the even larger group of people who are in the exploratory phase of purchasing a new car? And as a next step, how do we bring this group to "the best Mazda dealer in the region?!". There is a challenge with an impact behind it!


Our journey and search for answers to these questions started by looking at the buying behaviour of consumers together with car company Knoop. Logically, this starts with preliminary research before consumers consider the purchase of a car. One of the requirements was to come into the picture during this early orientation phase, because you want to tempt these potential customers to make a purchase. Allegedly done, because with this requirement and passion to bring Mazda models to the man (and woman of course) were the "The Mazda Madness Weeks" created. A comprehensive marketing plan that speaks for "insane" high discounts. Think of attractive offers and discounts of up to € 5,000. All this within an exclusive timeframe of a few weeks to convince the potential customer but above all to guide them in making a decision.


Ultimately, this marketing concept was translated into an effective (online) advertising campaign aimed at different target groups. This way we knew how to reach potential customers through striking displays and keyword ads. This happened from the moment of orientation - when there is no concrete brand preference yet - but also proved effective in the final steps of the buying process. This is because the specific Mazda models in combination with the different target groups were taken into account. By limiting the geographical reach to the area of car dealer Knoop, we were able to guarantee that the advertisements were brought to the attention of the right people. A strategy that was also applied in the various advertisements on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. By linking the Mazda Madness’ offers to unique Mazda models, we optimized the relevance of these advertisements. This way, the Mazda Madness weeks came to the attention of the right target groups, which resulted in a clear preference towards the dealer and the specific Mazda models. Challenge completed!

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