A new approach to the job market

Are you the pro-active and customer directed teamplayer without a 9 to 5 mentality we are looking for? Online job offers, they offer us clear insights into the opportunities of the job market but are at the same time filled with empty words and are most of all very impersonal.

Jobstoryz likes to see this from a different point of view. Searching for a job should be a pleasant experience in which finding the perfect match between employer and employee should be in the center of attention. For this, employers should be an open book, and offer a clear story of their organization in the form of Jobstoryz.

  • Brandconcept
  • Brand identity
  • Webdesign
  • (UX) Design
  • Front-end development


At Jobstoryz stories are central. The story behind the one looking for a job, who is he or she? What are his ambitions, strengths and downfalls? The story surrounding the employer, what kind of organization is it? What type of people work there and what kind of goals do they strive for? However, it al started with defining the story behind Jobstoryz itself! The story behind three characteristic entrepreneurs from the job placement area who argued for a new way of work, a new approach to how employer and employee find each other.


Get Hooked translated above mentioned story of Jobstoryz into a strategically thought of brand concept and formed the brand identity of which the ideas of the three entrepreneurs formed the foundation. The most important points in generating a perfect match between employers and employees, the happy experience in finding a job, has resulted in the communication theme "Happy to work".


By translating the brandconcept to a broadly applicable brandidentity Jobstoryz is able to create impact on the job market. Get Hooked has been responsible for the (ux) design and the technological elaboration of the website. A unique tool on the website of Jobstoryz is the Matchingtool in which employees, on the basis of a number, can be connected to a fitting organization and (available) job offers.


Bekijk de website van Jobstoryz live op www.jobstoryz.nl