“Off the beaten track you often find the best ideas”

Last year, Ellen Vandeberg decided to continue her passion for the legal profession and start her own business. This enormous step involves the discovery of its own strength and uniqueness. The legal profession is known in black and white, and Ellen absolutely did not want to participate. We designed a new and innovative brand in which Ellen is represented.

  • Brand Concept
  • Brand Identity
  • Webdesign
  • (UX) Design
  • Frond-end Development


If you ask what the most stereotyping profession is, you will get the answer: the legal profession. Think of static buildings on the south axis in Amsterdam, always in a smart suit and books full of complex professional jargon. Not really inviting. Especially when you, as a person or, more specifically, as an entrepreneur, are looking for a lawyer who can help you with all your questions when you need them the most. Ellen Vandeberg thought that should be possible. Done so to speak. Ellen came to Get Hooked and asked if we could help her set up a strong and unique brand concept. Of course we didn’t say no to that at Get Hooked!


Ellen Vandeberg therefore wants to take a different approach than the stereotype law firm. The challenge for us is to realize this. To achieve a creative concept, we usually start with a kick-off session. Here various important aspects for the creation of a brand are discussed. Consider which stakeholders are important for the customer, what characteristics the brand promotes, and what archetype suits the customer. For example, in our first conversation with Ellen, she came across as anything but stereotyped. Because if you, as an entrepreneur, have a question, want to spar or are looking for an update, you can simply pick up the phone and "just call Ellen". We found this funny aspect and characteristic of Ellen a strong counterpart to the usual story and we decided to use it in our brand concept. The accessibility of Ellen in combination with her fast and pragmatic approach gave us the tools to brainstorm about a strong and unique brand concept, and that led to a brand concept with impact ...


The new brand concept for Vandeberg Advoctuur was ready to be brought to life. At Get Hooked we do this in the form of a beautiful brand concept book in which we take the customer on a creative journey; from idea to result. Because we have chosen to expand the distinctive and personal characteristic of Ellen in the Vandeberg Advocatuur brand concept, we have been able to surprise her with Vandeberg Advocatuur: The accessible solution. Not only did we at Get Hooked come up with a colourful brand concept for Ellen, but we also designed her website. By combining the unique brand concept with the magic fingers and ideas of our developers, we have created a website that perfectly matches the new brand. Not only the logo and the pay-off are provided with an unique story, but also the website. It can be said with certainty that Vandeberg Advocatuur radiates the core values that we managed to capture in the first conversation with Ellen. A brand that reflects the warmth and accessibility of Ellen. The Vandeberg Advocatuur website will be launched soon, so stay tuned! With this positioning, Vandeberg Advocatuur is taking a beautiful and powerful step in the development of its brand. A brand that shows how a unique approach leads to a fast and accessible solution, but also by radiating accessibility. This will help future entrepreneurs to make the conscious choice for Vandeberg Advocatuur over others. And that is what a powerful and unique brand concept can do for a brand.

Vandeberg advocatuur logo design
Vdba mockup umbrella
Visitekaartjes Vandeberg Advocatuur
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Vandeberg advocatuur websitedesign
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Bekijk de kersverse website van Vandeberg Advocatuur nu hier!