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Bostik is a multinational who delivers several glue technologies for different markets such as construction, industry and consumers. Their smart glue systems are used worldwide in a wide array of professions such as railways, tapes, labels, laminate, packaging and footwear. Bostik can even be found in space travel.

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  • Communication Theme
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Since 2014, Get Hooked has the honours to fulfil several assignments for Bostik. We have been actively busy in giving strategic advice, the development of communication themes, giving knowledge sessions to the online marketing team and even with the development of an VR-application for an international event.


Over the past decade there have been several challenges of which we are proud to look back upon. For example, we gave strategic advice to Bostik surrounding the launch of their global website. We have also developed an interactive VR-application and communication theme for the FEICA-convention in 2018, where Bostik was the main sponsor. This was for the promotion and announcement of Bostik’s digital transformation. Furthermore, we guided the company with the merge of Den Braven and Bostik of which we also developed a video. By means of internal communication themes the employees were correctly notified of the merge. Above all, two videos have been made for the online marketing team of Bostik. One for the introduction and the other one is a summary of the results reached online.


The impact? An inspiring communication theme and VR-application that has been showed on 250 iPads and on a big screen with one clear message: Bostik is ready for the digital transformation. Because of this a successful event was held on the FEICA-convention which made industrial leaders enthusiastic for Bostik. After years of close partnership between Get Hooked and Bostik we also give knowledge sessions to the online marketing team in the area of online marketing, branding and teambuilding every quarter. This ensures that they get more insight in the useful tools of marketing and provides inspiration to improve their daily tasks.

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