Everyone cares. For each other.

The coronavirus takes a heavy toll on all health care organizations and healthcare professionals throughout the Netherlands. Health care professionals had to continuously work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and the demand for extra help in healthcare became clear. Sector association of healthcare organizations ActiZ wanted to answer this demand for extra health care workers. Together with our partner CSS Breda & Zwolle, Get Hooked has set up and designed the training platform De Nationale Zorgklas for ActiZ.

  • Brand Concept
  • Web Design
  • Animation Videos
  • Marketing
  • Front-end Development
  • (UX) Design


The urgency behind this case was obvious: The new platform required an urgent yet inviting corporate identity to be developed. It was also important that this corporate identity could be applied to a web environment. A web environment with the aim of familiarizing the various target groups of the National Health Care Class, such as health care workers, people outside the health care sector who want to register, health care authorities, other employers, and teachers. Within this web environment, Get Hooked developed various registration modules, a smart bot called 'HuGo' that can quickly lead people to the information intended for them and a module with introduction videos that was set up together with CSS Breda, to give people an idea of ​​working in health care. Get Hooked worked 24/7 with all related parties to achieve this. Because: Everyone cares. For each other.


That was also our approach. Everyone in the Netherlands can contribute so that we can take care of each other together. Since this was a large-scale project and an urgent case, the Get Hooked team deployed various disciplines to achieve the optimal result: impact! Below you can read how


Here's HuGo! When most people are required to sit at home, it is important to give them the feeling of personalized treatment. Get Hooked created a smart chatbot called HuGo while keeping this in mind. HuGo is the online trainings assistant of De Nationale Zorgklas that helps website visitors take the right steps towards participation. Thanks to our programmers, we were able to design HuGo in such a way that every user, every visitor, and every new participant can discover his or her learning path.

A website with a personal touch

De Nationale Zorgklas is an initiative that wants to appeal to different types of target groups, and that is why it is important to write different content for all these groups. We first identified the needs, and in particular the questions, of these different groups. Our copywriters and marketers could textually design different landing pages this way. Every care organization, (care) employer, newcomer and / or retrainer can find everything they need to know about De Nationale Zorgklas.

Personas in the picture

In addition to the fact that it is important to inform different people and groups about what the De Nationale Zorgklas entails, it is also important to convey this message visually. In order to realize this, we have designed personas for the various target groups of De Nationale Zorgklas. A persona is a character sketch of a certain type of user or customer. By mapping the different personas of De Nationale Zorgklas, Get Hooked was able to provide the landing pages of these target groups with image and design, among other things.


After weeks of hard work, blood sweat and tears, we can proudly share that De Nationale Zorgklas is online. We would therefore like to invite everyone to view the impact of the website, the national societal and sustainable initiative, with their own eyes. De Nationale Zorgklas not only offers a solution for crisis training in the short term but will also offer a sustainable solution for anyone interested in healthcare.

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