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Author: Hannah Fransen

From this feeling, and the national demand for additional health care workers, a cast-iron idea has arisen with an even better effect: the national initiative De Nationale Zorgklas. An initiative that prepares additional assistants for work responsibly in healthcare through an accelerated learning process. Get Hooked was able to make a creative contribution to this social project through various disciplines. This time we talk about HuGo, the online training assistant of De Nationale Zorgklas.

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Different types of participants

It was clear from the outset that this cool initiative would attract a lot of attention and that De Nationale Zorgklas would have to deal with many different types of stakeholder groups. Former health care workers for example can make themselves employable again by following a crash course, or employees at home can retrain themselves as temporary health care workers.

Since these diverse groups need specific information, Get Hooked faced the challenge of getting the right information to the right target group as quickly as possible. Not only did efficiency play a major role in building and designing the website, the user experience on the platform also had to convey the feeling of accessibility and personality. In other words: a streamlined and personalized process without having to worry about peripheral matters or clicking through a website several times to find specific information.

For Get Hooked the task to realize this creatively on the website!


To enable participation in De Nationale Zorgklas, it is important to manage all these groups in the right direction. We needed personal information for this, because only then everyone could start their personal learning journey. The questions asked to new participants include: Who are you? Do you have a professional healthcare background? If so, what level of health care? And, if you are already active in healthcare: do you have the correct knowledge about the corona virus? If you had to implement all these questions on the website separately, you would have to build a lot of subpages. This would however detract from the user-friendliness of the platform. Another solution would be a survey form, then we would scale back the number of pages, but also implementing a survey form would detract from a personal, efficient, and user-friendly experience. What then?

Meet HuGo

Meet HuGo, the online training assistant of De Nationale Zorgklas. Hugo is a smart chatbot that can explain a personal learning path for each participant based on a number of tactically formulated questions. Since Hugo collect the rights information together with the participant in an interactive way, in the form of a natural conversation, a personal learning process can be established in no time. This way, hundreds of participants can quickly start the learning process and De Nationale Zorgklas guarantees its promise to train participants in the short term and to make them available for health care. HuGo is therefore literally the answer to solve the previously outlined problems, such as the amount of web pages and the one-sidedness of a survey form.

On to the future

Another aspect that may not immediately come to mind but which is certainly of value is the fact that HuGo contributes to the online user experience. Research shows that our online activity has increased significantly in recent years, and especially because of home quarantine. We therefore expect more from our online environment. Online interaction, ease of use and personal approach play a major role in this. By optimizing your customers' online experience and adding a personal layer, like Get Hooked did with HuGo, you ensure that customers make positive associations with your brand. It is therefore important to find out which form of online communication best suits your target group and customers.


Thanks to HuGo, hundreds of visitors to De Nationale Zorgklas know where they stand in no time. Not only are different target groups pointed to the right learning path thanks to the chatbot. The way in which HuGo is designed also responds to the current trend where brands increasingly focus on a personal online experience for customers. This way, participants know where they stand in a cool and quick way and De Nationale Zorgklas can prepare them for work in healthcare in a short time. Two birds with one stone: impact on social and creative level!

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