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Author: Lex Voorhout

Who are the people behind our work? The people of Get Hooked who come into action everyday to make an impact with your brand, product or service. We would like to introduce ourselves to you. Who we are and what we do at Get Hooked. This time Iris van der Heijden talks about her role as marketing professional.

Marketing professional, that sounds fancy. What is it that you do exactly at Get Hooked?

My work at Get Hooked mostly revolves around (online) marketing in which I give completion in a creative way. The tasks that come with that are very diverse, from setting up a mailing campaign to the creation of a social media post, but just as well the launch of Google advertisements for the customer or managing content on a website. The dynamics in my function, that is being able to cover marketing on all fronts, is what excites me the most!

What is your background?
Before I came here I graduated with a diploma in communication focused on media. During this study, I quickly realized that I was most interested in the marketing aspect. How does a brand present itself, how to make sure that the image of a brand is translated into a complete (online) experience and how can you use through all forms of communication. These kinds of questions are what interest me the most. During my final research project I first started working with advertisements, in this case social media advertisements for a gaming company. I gained a lot of experience regarding A-B testing in my time there, about which advertisements work and which ones don't.

What achieved result are you most proud of?
Recently I thought of and created a complete brand video. That came out really well and the customer was very happy with it. It was the first time that I worked on something myself from A to Z so I was extra proud of the result. I also did a lot surrounding the social media channels of Get Hooked of which I am proud, so I hope that many people will see our feeds!

In what ways would you like to develop yourself?
Especially in the field of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), how to design a website in order to make it really easy to find it in the search results of Google. With Wordpress I already know how this works but I also want to master other cms systems. These are things that need to be learned in practice, by 'trial-and-error' you get to know more and more about what works and what doesn't.

How do you put the customer first?
I mostly do this by listening carefully, listening to what the customer wants, but also thinking with the customer so we can succeed together.

What do you think of Get Hooked as employer?
I am still very glad that I started working at Get Hooked. The diversity in projects on which I can work give me a boost every single day because every day is different. This is much more challenging than it is to work on a marketing department of a company where you have to work on the same project every single day for example. In the diversity I find my motivation. At Get Hooked we get enough freedom to carry out our own ideas and to execute them, that is really great.

What does Iris do in her spare time?
In my spare time I like playing tennis. At this moment i'm preparing for the winter competition. Furthermore, I spend my free time with my friends and my boyfriend. I also love playing games such as boardgames but I can also be found online. Losing is something that I'd rather not think about, this can be seen back in my work as a marketing professional. Winning for the best possible result.

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