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Author: Koen van Lierop

Every day we face many choices. “am I starting the day with a cup of tea or coffee?” “Will I arrange my financial accounts at ING or Rabobank?” Every day we are flooded by brands, products and services that all need to be checked against one another. As consumer, as employer, as company, as a contributor to this environment and all other roles that we bestow upon ourselves. To sat afloat in this overload of possibilities, brand seek their salvation in the ‘every brand for himself’ principle. One after the other opportunistic principles try to pull the target group in, and extravagant housing styles beg to be seen, creative marketing campaigns erupt from the ground like weeds, you name it. In the hard world of branding, survival is the most striking aspect.

Be amazed by powerful storytelling! Get Hooked. Action through devotion.

Crying louder than the competition is unnecessary. At least, if your core vision is good. A good brand with a strong drive does not need forcing taglines or bright colours in order to be seen. A good story is that what is needed to move your target group. Told in our own unique way we will get your story under the attention.

This bright vision will be communicated even more clear form now on. That is why we gave the old .TIM Digital Marketing Professionals a new, fresh look and feel that connect with who we are: storyteller for who standard is not just the standard. No trial and error way of viewing things but making change here and now. Your brand is the lead character of your story by using digital communication in a creative manner. At Get Hooked we do everything with one goal in mind; making sure that your brand is no longer an option but a choice. You will notice this immediately!

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