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There are those kinds of profession with which you don’t want to come into contact with or preferably as less as possible, but when you need them it is nice to know that they are there for you. Take your doctor for example. The profession of debt collector is just like this. For the creditor – those who want to receive what they are owed – as for those who are in debt. Especially when Marcel Stalman is fulfilling the task. As he calls it “We want to bring people together and take their wishes and needs into account. We are there to help so that in the end everyone is satisfied.”

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As we already mentioned in the introduction the perception of debt collector is not always a positive one. Because a judicial verdict in the Netherlands is set in stone, and a debt collector is obliged to collect a debt, it is not so much a question whether you make any progress as a debt collector. A question that matters more, however, is how this result is achieved: the method. Although the perception of a debt collector is not always that positive, the owner Marcel says that “positivity and fun” is a base condition for the organisation. Fun that stems from love for the profession and helping both creditors as well as debtors. Time to create a strong brand and fight against the traditional perception people tend to have of debt collectors.


This is a challenge we like to get our hands on. With the communication theme we want to ensure, that the helping hand that Stalman wants to offer, communicatively comes to its right. We want to transfer the previously described perception of Stalman’s method to a pleasant and recognizable (communicative) experience. With this communication concept, we lay the foundation for all future communication from the brand Stalman.


"Met recht voor elkaar" is not just any slogan, it gives a deeper meaning to Stalman, because that truly is the ultimate promise that shows in Stalman’s new method. We achieve an optimal result the fastest - the settlement of a claim – by treating every stakeholder the same. We have translated this new communication theme into a website, business cards, advertisements, brochures, writing paper and even bookmarkers. A strong brand with good means of communication that not only motivates and challenges us and the company but also the lawyers. The impact? A strong brand with an eye for debt collectors as well as those who are in debt. A strong brand with “recht voor elkaar”.

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