What is the essence of your company?

Author: Joost Peeters

Every company is unique. Yet this remains hard to see from the outside. But even when we ask companies themselves what makes them unique the answer that usually follows is a long silence. People first think about their products, services or working method they offer and how this separates them from the rest. The similarities between them and their competition are often striking. So how to separate yourself from the competition?

One thing that separates you from the competition and what makes you unique is the essence of the company. The essence is the belief of the company. What does the company believe in? What state of mind does the company reside in? What is the ultimate goal of the company? It is obvious that profit is always a result of acting towards this belief and not a goal in itself. The essence answers the question; why? Why does to company exist? Why does the company do what it does?

A few examples:

Coolblue: “Everything for a smile”

Nike: “If you have a body, you are an athlete”

Writer Dean Bokhari: “To empower and educate people everywhere so that they can improve their lives and achieve their goals.”

Lunchroom around the corner: “Healthy, sustainable food should be naturally for everyone”

Emotionally vs functionally

A positioning exists from an emotional as well as a functional aspect. The functional need is met by products and services you offer and the degree of service. The emotional aspect is met with the company DNA or the essence. Many companies aim at functional aspects and lose the emotional aspect from their sight.

Strong brands get to you on an emotional level and speak to your imagination. The message that is communicated is to inspire and is also a call to action. It explains your goal and the reason why you behave like you do. With this message you communicate with the brain of the listener. This is part of the anatomy that processes feelings such as trust and loyalty as well as decisiveness. And keep in mind, a CEO, manager or decider is also just a human being.

“Defining and clearly communicating your essence connects all people within and around your company.”

All the more reason to communicate this message. The essence is what sets you apart from the competition even though they offer similar products or services. It enables people to identify with and latch onto your story or company. We are not only talking about customers here. Your own employees and other stakeholders benefit from a clear description of the essence of your company. Defining and clearly communicating your essence connects all people within and around your company.

Defining this unique essence is often a challenge and leads to discussions within companies. Experience has thought us that it is hard to simply look in the mirror and reach this core essence all by yourself. Get Hooked can help you in finding your essence and to formulate this in a unique and strong way towards different target groups and stakeholders. Together we can find the best means possible to get this message across.

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