Meet Ashley Evans, Get Hooked’s in home artist.

Author: Hannah Fransen

Artists come in many shapes and sizes, there are painters, musicians, and poets. But have you ever thought of a front-end developer? Right! This time we introduce you to Ashley Evans, Get Hooked's in home artist who turns websites into works of art.

Front-end developer, that sounds fancy. What is it exactly that you do at Get Hooked?

I recently started as a Front-end developer at Get Hooked. Here, I mainly work on the front of a website, the visible part for visitors. You could see it as an artist starting with a blank canvas in order to create a beautiful painting in the end. This piece of art for me is the eventual website and I’m the artist.

What is your background?

I did my best to try as much as possible. In my childhood, I had different types of jobs; from team builder to ski instructor to eventually working as a front-end developer. A busy bee if I say so myself. Three years ago, I moved from England to the Netherlands for love, isn’t that romantic? During this period, I started studying and I built a life in the Netherlands. After six months of working for another employer, I chose to apply for a job at Get Hooked, and the rest is history!

I moved from England to the Netherlands for love, isn’t that romantic?
Which activities give you the most energy?

When I’m building something with my colleagues! I think it is really great to celebrate the final result of all the hard work and effort together. In the end, you see everyone’s input and you can proudly look back on the process that you have gone through together. This drive motivates me the most when working on a new project.

What achieved result are you proud of?

That’s an easy one. The things I am most proud of are the things I really struggled with or that I had to work really hard for. If you put blood, sweat, and tears in something and you give 100% of yourself for a project, it is always worth it in the end.

In what would you like to develop yourself further?

My programming skills. I want to develop myself better in the different types of systems and frameworks available, so I’ll be able to work faster. My ultimate goal is to become so good that I can focus more on the core of the work rather than the way I should do something.

Never say “that will do”
How do you put the customer first?

By never saying “that will do”. I always want to do my very best for the customers who need me as such is your duty.

How do you find Get Hooked as an employer?

There is a really nice atmosphere among all my colleagues, and I have the feeling that I can learn a lot here and develop myself further as a developer. Get Hooked, they have a flexible approach towards getting stuff done. This allows everyone to do their work in their own way. Everyone is always doing their best and this makes for happy employees.

What does Ashley do in his spare time?

I do many things. I enjoy working with wood and leatherwork, gaming (console & DnD) or being active in nature such as skiing or climbing. What makes me unique in this is that I am an all or nothing type. My head is either completely full or completely empty, but nothing in between. You can also see this in my private life where I love fast and difficult sports and can easily go into nature for a few weeks with only the essentials to survive.

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Ashley Evans

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