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Author: Iris van der Heijden

You may have already seen or heard from this multifunctional worker, because until recently she was still working on her graduation thesis at Get Hooked. Once this job was finished, she immediately dragged in a new mission: managing the team of Get Hooked as our new project manager! We would like to introduce you to Selma Bouman.

So, you are Selma. What is it that you do exactly at Get Hooked?

Since December 2019 I’ve been working as a project manager at Get Hooked. What I exactly do here can’t be explained in a single sentence. I describe myself as multifunctional where I manage the activities that the team of Get Hooked needs to act out. In doing so I ensure the team can work carefree and efficiently – by at the same time translating the wishes and visions of customers to a concrete assignment – so they can attend to their core business. I really enjoy this since the function within Get Hooked offers me the variation that I need and I’m always on the move. I work internally as well as externally, in which I go out to meet the customers of Get Hooked. This close contact with customers ensures for an open collaboration which is what we strive for at Get Hooked.

What is your background?

I studied Business Innovation. This is the first HBO-education of The Netherlands that focuses on innovative entrepreneurship. During my education I kept on track of current trends and developments within this area in order to be able to translate these to new products and services. This combination of creativity and entrepreneurship ensured that I can tackle complex issues with an open mind. Eventually I create sustainable value through innovation in a systematical manner. With this package of talents, I enrolled in Get Hooked. Since then, I can’t seem to shake them off of me.

Because I am always in touch with the customers I can really get to the core of the assignments

From what activities do you get the most energy?

Customer contact. Because I am always in touch with the customers I can really get to the core of the assignments. Not only does the close contact with customers give me energy but also the way of how I get in touch with customers. This is truly a close and open collaboration where I really get to know the person behind the brand. I get to take a look behind the curtains and am involved in the vision and mission of the customer and his or her business.

On what achieved result are you most proud?

Not specifically a result that goes with my function of project manager, but one that always comes in handy on the work floor: In times of stress I can remain calm and am able to resolve the ‘problem’ as efficiently as possible.

In what field of expertise would you like to develop yourself?

Eventually, I want to specialize in neuromarketing. Neuromarketing makes it possible to study how emotions in the human brain influence our decisions and ways of thinking. This also encompasses the way a customer thinks and chooses one product above another for example. Because why is it that one social media post gets more likes – or less – than the other?

A nice example of neuromarketing is the commercial from Lays. This brand had researchers perform an eeg-investigation to see what the (emotional) response of test subjects was on Lay’s Doritos chips. What came forward was that the brains of the test subjects had a very strong positive reaction towards ‘filthy fingers’. More specifically: the cheese powder that remains on the fingers after eating a bag of chips. The producer saw this as a great opportunity and used this positive connection with chips – or the filthy fingers in the end – in all of their marketing campaigns.

I put the customer in the center by listening closely to their needs and wishes

How do you put the customer in the center?

By listening closely to the wishes and needs of the customer so I can link this back to the team. This is how I put the customer in the center. During this process I’m in close contact with the customer where my open attitude ensures that the customer feels comfortable.

What do you think of Get Hooked as employer?

I’m really happy with Get Hooked as my employer. It is a business that is still growing and because of this there are more and more challenges surfacing for the team. Because of the enthusiastic and fun team, you get motivated to optimally carry out your core task. There is enough room for your own take on things and for your creativity which I highly appreciate. After all, everything we do we do it together.

What does Selma do in her spare time?

In my spare time I can often be found in the gym in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. I have been going to the gym for years and get a lot of energy from this. For me, this is a way to shift my attention away and let go of the focus. Besides this, I also spend time with my friends and boyfriend. In the weekends I can be found in ‘s-Hertogenbosch or Grave. I love having a drink with friends in the weekends or just lying on the couch. At work I’m very systematically but in the weekends, I like to be surprised and spontaneously go out. I really like that this spontaneity can be found within the team at Get Hooked.


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