De Nationale Zorgklas is now live!

Author: Hannah Fransen

Marketing agency Get Hooked is co-developing a national training platform for extra health care workers.

Marketing agency Get Hooked has set up De Nationale Zorgklas initiative in collaboration with ActiZ (the national trade association of care organizations), CSS Breda & Zwolle, national school communities and other national parties. A nationwide available digital training platform that provides healthcare organizations with newly trained health care workers in the short term through personalized online training programs. From now on, anyone who wants and qualifies can register via the online platform.

De Nationale Zorgklas was created by the urgent demand for additional health care workers in the Netherlands. "Get Hooked has aligned this urgency with the tone of voice and visual identity of the platform," says Tim van Tartwijk, director and owner of Get Hooked. In the first phase of the creation process, the marketing agency designed online training assistant HuGo based on a target group approach. This smart chatbot provides visitors with question-based answers with the correct information for participation. “This way, current and new healthcare employees can efficiently find the information they need for participation,” says Koen, lead Yoda within Get Hooked. To offer accessibility at every level, Get Hooked has also designed a series of animated introduction videos. These provide additional information by answering frequently asked questions.

About De Nationale Zorgklas

By following accelerated learning trajectories, De Nationale Zorgklas makes it possible for everyone who wants to work in healthcare to be trained up to level 2 care workers. The platform continuously responds to current events in the field, such as the current corona crisis and is therefore from a sustainable nature. It is possible for example to follow the training for care worker level 3 at a later stage. Thanks to De Nationale Zorgklas, healthcare can be provided with a new stream of healthcare workers: everyone cares. For each other. Now and in the future.

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